Pace of Play ~ Two hours is the standard amount of time allotted for players to enjoy a round of golf at all golf courses. When a group plays their round in more time,it affects all the groups playing behind them (50-70) people. Everyone's game is slowed down. The groups behind you are expecting to play in two hours. Pace of play must be learned just like the golf swing, etiquette and the rules of the game. The following are some suggestions to help you speed up the pace of your game.
Arrive at the golf course 10-15 minutes ahead of your tee time. This will give you time to warm up, get refreshments or rent equipment. You are expected to be ready to tee off at your scheduled tee time.
Play ready golf. The first person ready at the tee box, hits first. Short ball hitters should hit before players who hit the ball further.
Practice at the range, not on the course. Take only one practice swing before you hit the ball. If you need a lot of practice swings, do it when it's not your turn to hit.
Watch your shot until it stops. Note a tree or marker that the ball stopped close to, then walk in a direct line to your ball. Spend only a few minutes looking for lost balls.
Talk while you walk, not when it's time to hit the ball.
Leave your clubs at the exit side of the putting green, between the flag and the next tee. Once you put the flag in, you will quickly be on your way to the next tee. Power cars should be parked on the path, at the exit side of the green.
Putt until you sink the ball. when your group arrives at the green, the person closest to the hole should tend the flag. The person furthest from the hole should putt first, and continue to putt until the ball goes in the hole. That person is now in charge of the flag. While others are putting, use the time to line up your shot and take practice swings.
Mark your score card on the next tee, not on the green. The tee box is a safer place to mark the scores, and the group behind you will not have to wait while you count up shots.
Keep pace with the group in front of you. This is a good way to know if you are on a good pace. If the group in front of you is on the green when you are at the tee box, you are half a hole behind. If thee is no one on the hole you are about to play, you are 15 minutes behind. You need to play much faster and catch up, or skip the hole and get back on pace with the rest of the course. You should always be caught up to the group in front of you.
These suggestions are designed to help you and your group develop a better pace of play. We want you, and all the people who play behind you, to have a pleasant experience.

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Dress Code
~ Casual clothing is allowed as long as it is suitable for the golf course. No metal spikes please.
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Player Assistant ~ During peak hours we will have a player assistant coming around serving drinks, snacks and sandwiches. They will also be out to marshal and keep the pace of play at an enjoyable speed. If you find yourself falling behind you may be asked to speed up for your enjoyment and that of the groups behind.