Junior Junior Program

Mondays Age group 4 & 5 years from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5 Starts Monday May 16, 30, and June 6th.  The cost is $15 a session or $40 for the three sessions.

Thursdays Age group 6 to 8  time 3 to 4 or 4 to 5 Starts May 19,26, or June 2,  The cost is $15 a session or $40 for the three sessions.

They can call the pro shop to sign up or leave a message for Chris and he will call you back.

Junior Program

The program for Junior Members runs every Monday morning throughout July and August from 9:00 to 12:00 p.m. with a registration of over a hundred juniors each year.  The juniors are aged 8 years and up, and we average around 70 each week. The cost for this program is a very economical $10.00 one time fee for Links members. Non members may join the program for $100.00.

The morning begins with the junior sign-up, then the group is divided in two with the younger ones in one group and the more advanced in another.  Discussion covering the rules of golf and etiquette are covered.  Often a video is shown for a short time covering the topic of the day.

Junior Program

The groups are then divided into four with some separation between the beginner golfers and those more advanced.  Each group spends 20 minutes in each of the four designated centres. 

The four centres have an instructor: one teaching chipping and sand play, one teaching putting techniques, one hitting with irons and the fourth teaching the fundamentals of the golf swing that will last them a lifetime.

The instructors are aided with volunteer helpers at each centre.  After each junior group has spent 20 minutes in each of the four designated centres they come back into the clubhouse.Junior Program

The last hour is then spent with the juniors playing golf on the course in groups of four.  We have our course filled with enthusiastic young golfers.  Each group of four has an instructor or volunteer helper with them, again teaching the etiquette of golf as they play a few holes. 

We do try to promote good golfing technique, but also stress that the game should be FUN and we hope the juniors are having this while learning.

This program would not be the success it is without the help of our many volunteers.Many of the older, advanced players who are competing on a regular basis in tournaments held in the Zone and elsewhere, are happy to come back each week to assist instructors at the different centres and walking with younger players, when they aren’t working at a summer job somewhere. 

The more advanced players have the opportunity to get extra help with their golf game as Chris or Len spend time with them when the younger juniors have completed their 3 hours of instruction.